use4Our Mission

Sage Prairie provides a platform for treatment and recovery from substance use disorders, focusing on individualized services. We integrate evidence-based practices into all of our programs—abstinence support, peer recovery education and family services—and accept clients on medications to assist their recovery. From the initial visit to the last, we treat clients with respect, individuality and dignity.

Unique treatment and recovery programs

Many suffering drug or alcohol addiction enter treatment centers asking “Why me?” At Sage Prairie, we can map a path of recovery that may not look the same as others you’ve heard about or experienced. Most centers offer limited recovery methods, usually based on the 12 steps. While effective for some, this simply isn’t successful for many others.

At Sage Prairie, we will utilize evidence-based treatments proven so effective that, often, no other treatment is necessary. We treat addiction and substance use disorders by:

  • Using evidence-based techniques, including medical management and psychosocial methods
  • Maintaining strident professionalism, abiding by the code of medical and professional ethics
  • Providing empathetic care, never judging patients on race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or their chosen method of recovery
  • Creating a truly collaborative treatment plan with the patient and their loved ones

With ongoing support and recovery maintenance, many sufferers who previously saw no way out can now accomplish things that once seemed so elusive—relationships with family, a steady job, education. The list is endless. Bring us your questions and let us help you realize your goals.

If you or someone you love is in need of treatment, contact us at info@sageprairie.org or call our intake line at 877-915-SAGE (7243).

Disease Concept and Disease Management

We offer each patient a chance to partner in their care. We incorporate nursing care, patient education, medication management, holistic treatments, disease counseling and spiritual care. After the patient has reached remission, our physicians will continue offering services and support, and our patients will have full access to our care providers.

Sage Prairie and MAT Clinic are in partnership to ensure a continuum of care to manage the disease of substance use disorder.